Vision and Principles


Family doctors practice in an efficient and supportive high-performing integrated health system, which optimizes physician wellness, sustainability, patient-centred care, and optimal health status. Ontarians are healthier through excellent family practice.  


Statement of Principles

The SGFP developed and approved the following set of principles as part of its Strategic Plan:

The Section on General and Family Practice of Ontario:

  • recognizes and supports diversity in medical practice

  • recognizes and allows for the diversity of opinion of its members

  • encourages educational and training excellence

  • supports the continuous improvement of health care infrastructure

  • is dedicated to the promotion of the economic and general well-being of its membership

  • is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the relationships and understanding with other

    clinical specialties

  • continues to define and promote the role of family physicians in healthcare

  • is an advocate for the best possible care for patients in Ontario