Working Groups

The SGFP completes Section work through nimble, time-limited working groups. Executive meeting agendas are structured with working group updates. The Chair of each working group is responsible for providing a written report and presentation to the Executive Committee at Section meetings.


2022-2023 Working Groups

  1. SGFP Relativity Working Group
  2. SGFP Ontario Health Teams Working Group
  3. SGFP Website Working Group
  4. SGFP MSPC Working Group
  5. SGFP Advocacy Working Group
  6. SGFP Member Services Working Group
  7. SGFP Complexity Modifier Working Group
  8. SGFP Payment Reform Working Group
  9. SGFP Rapid Response Working Group

SGFP Website Working Group

"The Website Working Group is the awesome team involved in working with EM2data to make an interactive professional and responsive website for all family doctors in Ontario."

Dr. Alykhan Abdulla, Chair

SGFP Ontario Health Teams Working Group

"The OHT Working Group was instrumental in developing Primary Care Network draft document with our partners, Ontario College of Family Practice (OCFP) and AFHTO, which has been approved by full Executive and presented to Ministry for further input."

Dr. Darija Vujosevic, Chair

SGFP MSPC Working Group

"As the Chair of the MSPC WG ( Medical Services Payment Committee), our Working Group has been tasked with providing the OMA PPC ( Physician Payment Committee) with input regarding funding allocations specified in the Physician Services Agreement. The working group consults & liaises with the GP focused practice Sections, medical interest groups & other specialties as required."

Dr. Salesh Budhoo, Chair

SGFP Rapid Response Working Group

"The MRAC members response and communications working group is the amazing team involved in supporting the SGFP chair in communicating with the SGFP membership."

Dr. Alykhan Abdulla, Chair