What We Do

SGFP strongly advocates for healthy family and general practice conditions, physician support systems, and ongoing evolution to a high performing health care system.

Goals and Objectives

The SGFP's Goals & Objectives are:

  • To achieve professional and economic well-being of the membership.
  • To seek regularly the opinions of the members
  • To maintain and improve membership's value proposition.
  • To explore and develop revenue generating business opportunities for the Section
  • To promote Family Practice as the specialty of choice.

Taking Direction from Our Members

SGFP is exploring ways to open dialogue and enhance respectful relationships with specialty Section Chairs. To that end, the OMA conducted a survey of our members in July 2022.

The survey asked our members to list:

  1. Three key items for discussion
  2. Suggestions to improve/strengthen relationship between family doctors and specialists
  3. One or two specialties they feel SGFP needs to work with most closely to strengthen clinical relationships

In response to question #1, it was apparent that "Too Many Referrals from Specialists" was the key item for discussion, with 56.74% of respondents indicating that this was their top discussion request, with "Collaboration Issues" and "Doctors Overworked" rounding out the top 3.